BMS Service Policies.

In order to continue our leadership as the best company in the construction machines sector, we will search for the best in everything together with our employees, suppliers, and customers. Because of this our quality policy is based on;

  • To be on par with the quality of the machines we present and to uphold the customer satisfaction always at its highest level by improving our services continually,
  • Trying to raise the working quality of our employees, solution partners, and our suppliers by encouraging and supporting them and thereby raise the level of quality of society as a whole,
  • To ensure the participation of our employees in the continual development process and to encourage them at al times,
  • To create additional value through the effective and productive use of our resources and thereby provide gains for our customers and our company,
  • To create an institutionalized structure that customers, employees, suppliers and partners are proud of,
  • Offering products and services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers,
  • Constantly improving and developing our products and services,
  • Complying with the requirements of Quality Management System and constantly improving the effectiveness of it.
  • In line with our high-quality policy that was established through our mission, vision, and core values, we also believe in the enormous importance of customer satisfaction created by our products and services. In order to provide you with the best possible service, we at BMS have strengthened our commitment to customer satisfaction through comprehensive strategies and efforts that aim to improve customer relations processes.
  • BMS recognizes that the protection of the information property that our company owns or manages is important to conducting business. Information security is one of the important items in management of the business, and we therefore are establishing the following information security policy. The “information property” referred to in this security policy shall mean all the information that our company owns, manages, or which is used or developed by our business operations, including software, hardware, and other equipment, as well as the information systems of our company comprised by this software, hardware, and other equipment and the data contained in these systems.
  • Protecting confidentiality, integrity and availability aspects of information and information processing facilities,
  • Compliance with law, regulation, agreement conditions,
  • Managing the risk to sustainability of IT services,
  • Having capabilities of quick response to information security incidents and reducing strength of the incidents,
  • Increasing the information security awareness of employees in order to reducing the risks to minimum,
  • Ensuring outsourced service providers to fulfill information security systems requirements.
  • BMS aims to create environmental awareness across all of its employees and to continuously increase attention towards the environment and to the economic usage of natural resources. To realise this aim, environmental management philosophy is based on continual improvement and implementation of preventative and corrective activities as a natural behaviour of all employees. To this aim;
  • Complying with the environmental laws and regulations applicable in the countries of operation, and other requirements associated with environmental aspects of our activities,
  • Using natural resources economically,
  • Mitigating environmental impacts through effective waste management,
  • Reducing the risks of emergency,
  • Fostering environmental awareness of all employees.
  • Our policy consists of principles that outline our commitment to creating safer, healthier and more productive working environment at BMS;
  • Complying with occupational health and safety legislation and other relevant requirements in all the territories in which we operate,
  • Constantly raising our occupational health and safety performance,
  • Providing an ergonomic, healthy and safe working environment to reduce risks related to occupational health and safety and to prevent injuries and health problems,
  • Creating and promoting a culture of occupational health and safety.
  • BMS Difference.

    We attach importance to customer satisfaction with our experience and service quality.
    Happy Customers

    Your requests are carefully examined by our team and presented to you with the principle of %100 satisfaction.

    Fast Technical Support

    With BMS's after-sales support services, problems are quickly resolved.

    High Quality Rate

    We do not compromise on quality in all the products and services we offer.

    Value-Added Solutions

    We provide the products needed by the industry with the latest technology.